Exotic coffee from Guatemala!

Awarded as the Best Coffee of Guatemala 2021
2nd Place of COE 2022

Our best variaties

Royal Bourbon

A whole classic. Our Bourbon has a creamy body, refined acidity and sweet, chocolatey notes. These turn the cup into a coffee with character. One of the best coffees for every day!

Pandora Premium Pacamara

Citric tangerine acidity with notes that highlight the sweetness of tropical fruits such as peach and pineapple. Long aftertaste that gives the palate an experience of unique flavors.


Giant Maragogype

Exotic like its name. Our giant is elegant, round and silky body. Sweet notes of grapefruit and tobacco with a pleasant aftertaste of nuts and chocolate.

Espresso Blend

Harmonious balance between sweet, acid and bitter. Our blend makes this coffee ideal for the perfect espresso. Round body, spicy notes and a chocolate aftertaste.

Café Cerezo

The Farm

Jesús Aguirre Panamá was the first owner of this farm, which he acquired during the year 1874. He started planting sugarcane to produce crystallized sugar known as “panela” (brown sugar loaf), corn, beans, and tobacco. Around 1900 he started the planting and production of COFFEE, and called the farm EL INJERTO, as ‘injerto’ is the name of a fruit native to the area.

Today the farm is managed by the third and fourth generation of the Aguirre family, who has worked the farm since 1956, when production was approximately three hundred (300) bags of parchment coffee. Now they work with a great team and with the same mission, to produce specialty coffee; maintaining agricultural practices friendly to the environment and focusing in entrepreneurial social responsibility to achieve a new farm management manner, economically viable for all parties involved…


At El Injerto we know that the human resource is extremely important and that if our collaborators have an improved physical and mental health, they work better and obtain better income for their families. That is why we worry about the well being of each one of them and their families.

We provide them with inductions in cultural tasks, protection equipment, industrial safety shops, machinery use courses, computer courses, personal hygiene and home hygiene shops, etc. We also program medical and dental journeys; medicines and drugs are donated to alleviate common diseases. El Injerto has more than 18 Kms. of internal roads to make tasks more efficient, helping workers with the transportation of cargo and personnel…

Man working with coffee

Our Vision

Our vision was to always provide coffee with quality. This is why El Injerto only grows the absolute best types of coffee. We sacrifice quantity for quality since we know that these varieties have lower yield and are more susceptible to weather conditions and other factors. 

At El Injerto, we DO NOT buy coffee cherries or parchment from anyone else. We process only what we produce to guarantee the quality for all of our customers. This is why El Injerto is one of the best places to buy your coffee. You can taste the difference in every cup.

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