Insight varieties El Injerto Reserva del Comendador: Pacamara-the fifth generation

Pacamara is a variety result of the breeding of four generation plants of red Maragogype, Typica's natural mutation and Pacas. It was conceived in the Genetic Department of the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC) back in 1958[i].  According to Salvadoran studies, Pacas is a natural mutation of Bourbon and was discovered in San Ramón farm located in Santa Ana department.  Maragogype instead is a natural mutation of Typica found in 1870 in Bahia, Brazil.

The study explains that an individual selection was made until obtaining mother plants. These gave nine lines which were evaluated in aspects such as phenotype, productivity, yield, fruit size and adaptability to different areas in El Salvador.  Selected lines were then combined to produce the fifth generation: Pacamara.

Although it still segregates back to its parental origins, “proper plant selection and removal at the nursery stage assure a proper development”, states de research.

El Injerto Pacamara has proven to be one of its kind. For three consecutive years, since 2008, it has been awarded the first price in the prestigious Cup of Excellence International Competition and Internet Auction. First year, it was sold at a breaking record price of $80.20 per pound. Pacamara will be also tendered at El Injerto Reserva del Comendador on line coffee auction June 19th. 2012.

Total production of Pacamara is around 125 bags of 69 Kilos, planted in three regions of the farm: Patagonia, Pandora and La Calaca.

[i]   Exploring Distinctive Characteristics & Virtues of Coffee Varieties: The Bourbon & Pacamara Case. Salvadoran Coffee Council.



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