“We are very demanding and conscious in carrying out all our production activities with the best practices. This is done to obtain high-quality coffee and at the same time, protect the environment and improve quality of life of our collaborators, an essential activity for farms like El Injerto that directly uses natural resources.

Our farm has been certified for more than 20 years by three organizations that evaluate the impact on the environment by the activity of companies. We are currently working with the Carbon Neutral certification which is obtained by having complied with the good environmental practices on the plantations and processes.

It can be proudly said that we at El Injerto do not pollute, but rather clean the environment through a private nature reserve that is located at the highest point of the farm. The farm is made up of a forest area equivalent to 60% of the entire land, this being a primary tropical forest that is among the last of its kind in this region of Guatemala. It also surrounds the entire coffee-producing area like a horseshoe and is included as one of the most important factors when it comes to impacting our microclimate; therefore, the coffee is produced on land free of carbon dioxide because there is nothing around it. It is a very clean environment that makes our current coffee production possible.

With great sadness, we can affirm that El Injerto is one of the few farms that are at the forefront in the processes of caring for the environment. We cover areas such as the process of water treatment and recircle it to use as less as possible.

We use all our subproduct as the coffee pulp and parchment. The pulp is composted and put it back to the plantation where is needed and the parchment is used as fuel source for our ovens instead of using wood or gas. We also generate our own energy for all the mills and houses of the collaborators and we have solar panels for the office as well. 


We at El Injerto not only try to produce the best coffee we can but also taking care of the environment and the quality of life of our collaborators.

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