The Processes

Washed Process: The picking of the coffee seeds is made by hand, picking only the beans that have reached an optimum maturity level. Defective beans are separated in water tanks. The flesh or pulp of the coffee beans is removed every day. Afterwards the coffee is taken to special tanks lined with glazed tiles, waiting the time that is required to obtain the point of natural fermentation.

After that the coffee beans are washed with natural clean water, the coffee is soaked in clean water for 24 hours before exiting to the pre-drying processes in the patios.

Dry Process: Also called Natural Process, this process is new to Guatemalan farmers is not new at all in other parts of the world as Africa and Brazil. This process is where the well-picked beans are dried directly with pulp in the patios or African beds after taking the floaters out to give a nice and clean cup.

This process gives an intense fruit flavor, very sweet and heavy body. Some varieties are better for this process than others.

Dry Milling: EL INJERTO has the special equipment necessary for the transformation of parchment coffee to green coffee. This process allows the direct export of the coffee to other countries.

During the transformation from parchment to green coffee, the coffee passes through different machinery for a special classification for weight, sizes and density.

After this the coffee is tasted one last time, thus finishing a strict quality control, which is carried out from the seed to the export of the green coffee.