Our Environment
Social Responsability


All the power used in the housing dwellings and in the coffee processing is produced by two hydroelectric power plants that generates together more then 1000 KW with a minimum of pollution.

All the water used in the coffee processing is circulated again, passing through special filters and sent to oxidation ponds to be cleaned by sedimentation. Efficient microorganisms and limestone are added to finish the treatment.

The pulp is used to produce an excellent WORMCOMPOST that we use at our Nursery and plantation afterwards.

The coffee parchment is utilized for the ovens of the dryers, this parchment is the skin removed from the parchment coffee when obtaining green coffee. This parchment is highly flammable, maintaining the ovens at the required temperatures. This helps us save almost 70% in the use of firewood for the ovens.

Also the farm is concerned about reforestation, during the last years more than 25 hectares have been planted with native species.

    We also work in other products and activities, to a lesser scale, but always important for the environmental and economic sustainability of the farm, and these are:

  • Macadamia production
  • Apple production
  • Reforestation activities
  • Trout (Rainbow Trout) farming
  • Honey production (80 beehives)