It's always a good time for coffee

Located on Zone 13 of Guatemala City, Café El Injerto allow people to get to know our passion for coffee first hand, as well as our varieties and brewing methods available to experience the best coffee flavors. We roast coffee directly on our Coffee Shop assuring our product’s freshness.


Zona 13 of Guatemala City

Phone: +502 2362-9787

                          Address: Zona 13 of Guatemala City

CC Paseo San Sebastián

Phone: +502 6634-0741

Address: Centro Comercial Paseo San Sebastián Carretera Al Salvador



Our Coffee Shop has a Delivery Service targeted to provide our nearby clients with on demand delivery of their favorite coffee varieties as well as several coffee souvenirs.

Clients on nearby zones of Guatemala City just have to call to our delivery phone number 2362-9787 on service hours.

CC Paseo Liberación

Phone: +502 2360-4385

 Address: Centro Comercial Paseo Liberación Zona 9 de Guatemala.



Phone: +502 2474-8508

Address: Centro Comercial Miraflores Zona 11 de Guatemala.