Peaberry - Caracolito - 14.11oz


The famous Peaberry comes from a single seed from the coffee Cherry. Only approximately 5% of the coffee production has this mutation because only one of the beans was fertilized during pollination. The normal beans are flat but this one has an oval or round form (pea-form) and that is where the name comes from.  

Because of the round form the peaberry roast differently than the flat beans, they roast more evenly also it is a more dense bean and this helps the heat transfer during roasting. 

With Clean cup, elegant, heavy body, citric and floral flavor, notes of chocolate and caramel sweetness! Juicy, intense! This little round coffee is all hand sorted after dry milling the coffee to guarantee only the Peaberry's.

400grs./ 14.11oz

- Machine and hand-selected from Bourbon during dry mill.  

- All processes are the same as the bourbon variety.