Espresso Blend - 14.11oz


An eye-opener Espresso Blend!

We use two great varieties for this Espresso Blend, named after the Estate where the farm is located. The Bourbon will give us the sweet notes well-liked at the espresso and the Red Catuai will give us the fruit notes.

Both varieties are grown above 1500 masl (strictly hard beans), harvested during the months of December and January and de-pulped daily. 

This blend of our Bourbon and Red Catuai has a considerable body with great regional fruit flavor, clean and complex cup, outstanding acidity and citrus aromas. In espresso, it is ideal to obtain citrus and sweet balances.

It is a medium roast for Espresso so that flavors are still in its full! Ideal for espresso machines and milk-based beverages.

- Hand-picked by expert pickers

- Washed Process

- Drying method: Sun and Guardiola dryers.

- Dry Milled at El Injerto

- Roasted at El Injerto

400gr./ 14.11oz


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