Giant Maragogype - 14.11oz


This is the giant bean of El Injerto family, also called Elephant bean!

The Maragogype is a mutation of Typica and the father of the Pacamara variety. Coming from Bahia in Brazil it is a rarity in the coffee world and very much appreciated by coffee aficionados because its cup quality. 

It is a huge plant with very low yield also the favorite variety for the expert pickers because of its size its also a challenge for us to process it, we need to change the setting of some machines because of its size but its worth it! 

This huge bean has a very complex cup, with delicate acidity and grapefruit notes. Very exotic and rare coffee around the world!

- Hand picked

- Wet process

- Soaked for 24 hours in Spring Water

- Sun dried and African Beds

- Dry Mill at El Injerto 

- Roasted at El Injerto 

400grs./ 14.11oz