Legendary Geisha - 250gr


When you want to impress a family member, an important customer or a friend this is the coffee you are looking for. You and they will be delighted with this exotic variety. 

Grown at 1910 masl in the highlands of Huehue respecting the origin of this seeds planting them in the most similar terroir to its origin in Africa. We have selected only the grin tip plants to get our seed from to ensure a more bright and clear flavor. 

This is the classic Geisha, original from the town of Gesha in Ethiopia, came to Costa Rica and later to Panama because of its rust resistance traits. Our seeds came from Panama and they adapted very well at El Injerto.

Fantastic floral aroma, very smooth and delicate like tea. Lots of jasmine, tangerine and fruity flavor, light body and notes of honey. 

- Genuine Hand Picked

- Washed Process

- Soaked for 24 hours in Spring Water

- Drying method: Sun-dried in African beds

- Dry milled at El Injerto

- Roasted at El Injerto 

Jar 250 grs of Coffee

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