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Our Environment

On our path to achieve one of the best coffees in the world, we’re very careful to watch over our environment and fair treatment towards our workers, trying our best to improve their way of life.

Environment & Ecology

One of our main guidelines is to grow the best coffee but always looking out for environmental protection. This has made us reach great innovation achievements related to environment and sustainability.

  • Reduction of pullutants, including the removal of herbicides use practices on plantation and plastic bags on plants on our nursery.

  • Reuse of 100% of the water used on coffee processing.

  • Recycling of up to 80% of the resulting coffee pulp for producing our own organic fertilizer.

  • Active programs for wildlife management, reforestation and preservation of water resources.

Medio Ambiente

Our Community

Finca El Injerto is committed to respect their worker’s rights and to provide them the best possible life conditions.

  • Wages paid according productivity, trying to exceed law specified minimum wages.

  • No discrimination policies (sex, color, religion o ethnic group).

  • No recruiting of workers under 15 years of age.

  • Housing, drinking water and medical services provided for all workers.

  • Constant training for all workers and school education provided for their children.

  • Observance to social and cultural events of local importance.

Nuestra Comunidad