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Our Coffee Shop

About 90% of our coffee is sold internationally. However, we reserve a 10% of our premium coffee production for the local guatemalan market, with the purpose of allowing guatemalans to enjoy the excellent coffee that is grown in their homeland.


Located on Zone 13 of Guatemala City, Café El Injerto allow people to get to know our passion for coffee first hand, as well as our varieties and brewing methods available to experience the best coffee flavors. Our Coffee Shop has been recently remodeled in order to provide coffee lovers a cozy place to enjoy the best coffee in town.

Café El Injerto

Packages on Store

We currently sell coffee packages of several varieties and blends, which can be sold in the form of beans or also as custom ground coffee according to each client’s need. We roast coffee directly on our Coffee Shop assuring our product’s freshness. Our coffee varieties on store are:

  • Special Blend
  • Espresso Blend
  • Bourbon
  • Pacamara
  • Maragogype
  • Peaberry
  • Geisha
  • Mokka


Our Coffee Shop has a Delivery Service targeted to provide our nearby clients with on demand delivery of their favorite coffee varieties as well as several coffee souvenirs. Clients on nearby zones of Guatemala City just have to call to our delivery phone number 2362-9787 on service hours.