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Our Coffee

All of our passion and efforts have turned year after year into awards, acknowledgements, and the best coffee!

Variety Description

  • Bourbon, First grown on the island of Bourbon (now called Réunion) near Madagascar, it was spread by the french throughout Africa and Latin America. Besides being valued by its balanced flavor and tartness, Bourbon Coffee has originated a lot of coffee varieties upon mutations and hybrids.
  • Pacamara, Hybrid between Pacas Coffee (which in its place is a Bourbon mutation) and Maragogype Coffee. Pacamara is known by its big, long, frecuently canoe-shaped beans, outstanding sweet citric flavor, perfect balance and floral-hinted fragrance.
  • Maragogype, Native from Bahia State, Brasil, Maragogype Coffee is a coffee variety noteworthy by the large size of its bean. It’s considered by our baristas as an exotic coffee with orange and grapefruit flavor notes. An elegant giant!
  • Geisha, Geisha Coffee (or Gesha, named after the ethiopian village where it comes from) is an extremely aromatic coffee which can be noticed from the starting point of brewing. Floral, citric notes, as well as its unmistakable end flavor are simply outstanding!