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Coffee School

El Injerto’s Coffee School was created so people can learn more about coffee brewing process, methods, grounds, roasts, and drink making. Courses are taught by our experienced baristas.

General Details

El Injerto’s Coffee School courses are designed so that coffee lovers discover the barista they have inside. This courses are taught every month on the second floor of our Coffee Shop, a special place reserved for this purpose.

For signing up, clients can call us at 2362-9787 or visit our Coffee Shop at 9a calle 15-15 zona 13 on service hours.

Cash and credit cards accepted.


Our school’s schedule has 4 different modules, taught one Saturday each every month from 9am to 12pm:

  1. Brew Methods: Introduction to several brewing methods like Chemex, V60, French Press, etc.

  2. The Perfect Espresso: Espresso components, roasting profiles, grounds, machines and mill usage.

  3. Milk Beverages: Learn to make your favorite coffee beverages (cappuccinos, lattes, etc.) blending milk and coffee.

  4. Latte Art: A delightful journey discovering artistic skills making latte art shapes, techniques, tips, etc.

  • Each module costs Q290 (material included).

  • A package price for all 4 modules is given at Q1,000.

  • Parking included.

Custom Modules

Groups of 3 people or more can request a private class of any module you want on the time and date of their choice.


Based upon management planning.