Insight varieties of El Injerto Reserval del Comendador: Mocha-Ancestral origins

Mocha is the name of a famous port located in the Red Sea coast of Yemen, where most of the coffee used to be exported back in the fifteenth and sixteenth century. Its importance as a port was probably due to the Ottoman’s law that required all ships to enter the Red Sea and stop by Mocha to pay taxes. Locals would call it “Al-Makha”.

But Mocha is also known as a coffee type for some and a coffee variety for others.  Sanani or Mocha Sanani was highly appreciated for its strong chocolate taste. This tiny round red cherry is often described as a type of coffee which derives from the Coffea Arabica-Typica variety native from Ethiopia and Yemen. As soon as coffee started to conquer Europe, they translated it as “Makha”, which nowadays has become “Mocha”.

Its origins still may be a myth, but for El Injerto it is its tiniest magnificent discovery.  As small as Spanish pepper, this coffee variety proves an old saying: “the smallest jars hide the most exquisite perfumes”.  El Injerto first planted Mocha variety around 1992. Total production of this plantation now is about 20 pounds. Last year, the first fifteen pounds of Mocha production was tendered in the first edition of El Injerto Reserva del Comendador. It was sold to MTC/Coffee plant for Momo’s Coffee Factory, in South Korea at a record-breaking price of $211.50 per pound.

El Injerto Reserva del Comendador

June 19th 2012


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